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  1. So I was lonely and bored and decided to make an aspec discord, anyone can join. i am lonely plz join Discord link
  2. I was thinking and thought of a fun and a bit subtle way to come out since my family plays board/card games a lot, I will find all of our decks of cards, take the aces out, paint them the ace/aro colors, and wait I will also suggest playing card games throughout the day 😎😎😎
  3. overall, haven't come out irl cuz i haven't figured out the right way to cuz noone knows what it means and its not an urgent think soo... ya
  4. going to read this but i saw "aromantic artists"andwas like, wait, thats exactly me!
  5. when i was in kindergarten i told my entire kindergarten class that i was going to live alone with dogs cuz having boyfriends/getting married is gross also to this day ihave had 0 crushes and my whole life i assumed that you had to be older to have crushes, and it turns out kintergardeers have crushes and "boyfriends" lmao i have always been discusted and confused by any plot that included any type of romantic related things and could never get intrested in the plots the fact that people can relate to songs and movies/shows has always amazed me and in 5th grade there was this boy that sat next to me, i was freindly to him, because im not a rude person, and since hes a boy his freinds were always saying how we should date and how i have a crush on him and constantly chanting the" __ and __ sitting in a tree" chant. before that whole thing my thoughts on him were how he is ignorant and rude, but after i despised him even more if that was possible. well in ur face kalvin, josh and will cuz im aroace now sooo...
  6. same i did mine as ace colors cuz i like purple more and noone has thought anything of it🀣
  7. one good thing that comes from noone knowing we exist is that i can do whatever i want to show pride when closeted and noone would even think anyhting of it like, they dont know we exist, let alone our flag/colors
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