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  1. 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' and 'Where Are You Christmas' are my two favourites. I loved both, since I was a kid.
  2. In real life, I'd be uncomfortable, when it's directed at me. I just simply want it to go away. I don't mind PDA, also long as it's not kissing. Relationship talk tends to bores me and makes me feel awkward. The only time I'm interested, is if it's for my friends or family sake. Fictional wise it depends, live action, I've never really like it. I do watch rom-coms, but I watch it more for the comedy and story. I remember watching The 5th Wave in theatres. The moment it suddenly turned from world apocalypse into a typical teen romance, I was ticked off. It ended up, ruining the whole mov
  3. This was a conclusion I also came to, before I identified as aromantic. It's quite possible, it's a phase. If you choose to identify as aromantic, but later realize you're not , that's fine. Life is confusing and people commonly misidentify themselves all the time, it happens. Honestly, do as much research as you can. The more you know, will help in the long run.
  4. Didn't ever know there was name for that. Ever since I identified as aro, I realized I've never liked being touched by people. I've always hated being hugged and especially kissed, by people. I would only allow my family or close friends to hug me, just to give them a few seconds of happiness or comfort. Though, they have to ask or make an indication they want one, because I won't make the first move. I won't touch a stranger, unless it's necessary (like a hand shake or tap on the shoulder). You're definitely not alone on this one.
  5. Welcome! As someone who has recently figured out their aro, but also reads romance fiction or watches it. Yeah, it feels weird , especially when you just realized you're an aromantic. It's also why I had some doubts being aro at first, even though the term instantly clicked with me. As I've seen, some have put it as, getting your romance fix or playing as a character. Also we watch or read of lot of things, because it's interesting or entertaining, doesn't mean we want it to happen to us. It's funny how we don't realize this, until someone else points it out. I completely understand
  6. As some one who recently found out their aromantic a month ago, I understand your worry about offending the community. I had the same worry too, but after I did more research on aromantic. I was then confident, that's what I am. Though regardless it's ok call yourself aromantic, but realize later it doesn't fit. It happens. It's no different than a person who thought they were bisexual, only to realize they weren't. As for the break up part, it usually does hurt both parties, no matter the reason or who broke it off. It hurts because, you thought or hope it would work out, only to realize
  7. I'm 26 and realized I was aro, about a month ago.
  8. I don't ever recall planning my wedding as a kid. Maybe acting out a wedding, when playing with dolls, but this is probably more of kid me coping what I saw in movies or tv. Kids were always a maybe for me, but even back then, I was positive I would adopt. I never understood the need to have kids biologically, when there are so many out there, that can be loved just as much, looking for a family. As for the "husband", never really visuals one. If asked I would say a nice man, but this was back when I assumed I would cross the bridge some day, because that was the "norm".
  9. Yeah, that's defiantly on the list of one of the worst. Though, Adventureland (comedy/romance/drama) would be my number 1 worst. This was back when Twilight, just got popular. My friend had to see this movie, because the actress from Twilight was in it. Worst movie I ever watched. I like romantic comedies (mostly for the comedy), but this was just painful to watch. I would rather watch Twilight again, over Adventureland.
  10. Ok real late to the party, but I love riddles! Anyways, riddles tend to have the simplest answers. So, I'm gonna say it was a mirage or hallucination. Everything listed in the riddle isn't possible all at once, unless it was a mirage or hallucination. Mirages or hallucination don't need to make sense, they're illusions that deceive your eyes and mined.
  11. Nope! TPBM watched Pokemon, in their childhood.
  12. YMBAI you played dolls/pretend with your friends and your doll/character never has a boyfriend/girlfriend. It's funny because, this didn't dawn on me, until after I realized I was aro and thinking of signs during childhood/teenhood. YMBAI your best friend has to ask if you're gay, because you never dated anyone and your thought process is, "Well, I don't seem to be attracted to the same gender, so I must like the opposite gender!" Honestly, this should have been the moment, I realized something just wasn't adding up and start researching. Curse my obliviousness.
  13. Man, they're so many signs, that I was aro as kid and teen. Sign 1: Never understood others crushes on classmates or a celebs. Usually my friends would have crush on this one classmate, but all I would see was just a classmate or possibly another friend. Remember 'High School Musical'? A few friends had a crush on Zac Efron, back then. I remember covering my ears and cringing as they screech, when he appears on screen. Had absolutely no clue, what they were seeing and just didn't get it. Sign 2: When I played dolls with my friends, my doll never had a boyfriend, unlike my friend's do
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