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  1. Well, like, in relationships if you want it to be longterm you have to try and keep it exciting. Some consider certain acts romantic, like buying gifts or going on interesting dates. These things can reignite romantic feelings and keep the relationship going longer. If you're doing the same things or not really doing anything at all, then you'd probably grow bored of the person quickly. But if things keep being interesting, then the attraction can last longer.
  2. Because it feels nice pretty much. Maybe it's kinda like: Why would you eat a cookie if you know you're going to finish it soon? Because I like the taste of cookies. I'm not going to think about what happens after I finish it, but I know that cookies taste good and I'm in the mood for a cookie. From my own experience, that's what I make it out to be at least. Does this make any sense?
  3. Considering I am panromantic and got a 92 on it....yeah. But some of those questions were ridiculous, really. Things like "killing someone for love" and stuff like that.....no, that's not normal, and I would be very afraid of anyone who says that. Being romantic isn't as wild or crazy as that test makes it out to be, for sure.
  4. 17. I'm highly sensitive to touch in particular. I tend to freak out and get major anxiety/paranoia upon being touched without my consent. Nothing traumatic caused this either, so I'm guessing it's just pretty bad social anxiety.
  5. I consider myself gray because I do have a libido, albeit a very low one. I rarely ever masturbate and when I do my arousal dies away before I even get to the "fun part" so I find it very boring and bothersome. As for sex my interest in it is purely curiosity, though I honestly don't care if I die without ever trying it out. If my partner requested it, I wouldn't mind giving it a try. I tend to call myself simply asexual outside of AVEN though. I have more asexual qualities than sexual ones.
  6. I'll jump into this thread too I suppose. I spend more time on AVEN than I do here for...reasons. Agree that AVEN has its issues, but at least it's not as bad as Tumblr. <_<;;
  7. My memory has been getting worse and worse lately. It's a little concerning @_@;;

  8. It's funny, how human nature affects culture and vice versa. No, I think it's natural that many humans seek to share a permanent relationship with another human being. Humans are naturally social creatures that seek life long relationships, which is why I think that romantic and platonic fantasies exist. This natural want is expressed through our culture, and thus the creation of that wonderful....or maybe in some people's cases, not-so-wonderful thing called friendship and romance. So even without culture around I think that people would still find "life mates". It's
  9. @Kojote I'm not sure if alloromantic is used the same way as allosexual in Quebec, I'll do some digging later and find that out. As for the content in the spoiler I totally agree, which is why I said it can be argued. That's just an argument I've heard before, but it's literally almost impossible to avoid. That's not the reason why I don't use allosexual. Haha, the same goes for saying "He's sexual". I imagine a guy sprawled out nude on a bed Which is why I thought that "non-aro" might be a good substitute. Or maybe "those outside of/not on the aromantic spectrum", tho
  10. Thanks for the responses so far! Looking back at my first post now, maybe my suggestions weren't that great. I just typed the first two that came to my head that didn't bug me as much. I don't mind being called a "romantic", though "romantic person" might work better. I feel like using "a romantic" has some slighty negative connotations to it. For example, the first thing my mind goes to upon reading "a romantic is "a helpless romantic", which....isn't a compliment. I agree with Swanky that using "romantic" and "aromantic" as adjectives is a good approach. Of course,
  11. New York Also hang out in AVEN's CAPSLOCKIA sometimes, does that count?
  12. I don't think everyone has butterflies in their stomach just by being in the general vicinity of the target of their crush. I've been around my crushes and datemates many times and never felt any different than I do typing this post right now. Some people may get nervous around them because they want to look good for the person they are crushing on, which causes the butterflies as people mentioned above. But it's not a constant or mandatory thing. When I become close or intimate with my datemates or crushes, I get what I like to call the "warm fuzzies" It's not uncomfortable like
  13. Sorry if I put this in the wrong spot, I wasn't exactly sure where to put this. I've noticed that some number of members here use the term "alloromantic" to describe someone who is not aromantic. So I thought it's worth a shot to talk about it. But first, allow me to compare it to "allosexual", which is used by some asexuals to describe a person who is not asexual. Sexual members were polled on AVEN about whether or not they are okay with being called "allosexual". The majority of sexuals there said "No, I do not like it". The AVEN admod team does not use th
  14. Len has a history of attempting to rap. The song "Never" that I posted in the AVEN thread is a good example.
  15. Romantic here agreeing that the quiz was very weird and kind of concerning. After taking it (got a 92) it made me feel almost guilty for experiencing romantic attraction. I feel like some of the questions were kind of over exaggerating what romantic attraction is. I, for one, would never kill someone because of a bad breakup. Jeez.
  16. Wooo I got a....92 Apparently I'm "immune to the disease". Nah, I'm still romantic, just single and not openly seeking a relationship atm... Those questions were really weird, but oh well. I'd say yes and no. In some situations it's almost spontaneous and unintentional. There might be a "trigger" of sorts that just causes the feelings of attraction to arise. It could be anything for anyone, we all have different tastes. However it's controllable. As I said here I'm not openly seeking a relationship. There might be someone who comes along that stirs up those feelings
  17. Ooh, my name was mentioned. Hey Punable! I'm super panromantic, lol. You aren't alone!
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