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  1. I'm 18 (almost 19) and kissed someone for the first time a few weeks ago. The experience totally confirmed all my aromanticism, the only thing I got from the experience was a bit of guilt because the guy is one the nicest people I know, and that I never want to kiss anyone again anytime soon!!
  2. YESS good idea to have a thread about this! Here are some of my favourites: - Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan: Season 2 is so intense man, I love it. It's full on and the characters get put through so much it's heartbreaking. If you're not a big fan of romance and you love action as much as I do I recommend it - Naruto / Naruto Shippuden: I've been reading the manga instead of watching the anime but I'm 1000000% invested in it now. I don't think there's much point in explaining this one, I'm sure everyone's heard of it! - Akatsuki no Yona / Yona of the Dawn: Not something I usually get into, generally I prefer male leads? But Yona is such an awesome character, I feel like they developed her so well and she's not only very badass but she's cute as heck. It's a fantasy anime and there's a romatic side plot (I usually avoid romance like the plague) but I didn't mind it at all! The manga goes into way more depth and the anime barely covers the first 40 chapters (I think) so I highly recommend reading the manga. There's a fair amount of humour and angst it balances out nicely. - I have a massive love for sport animes my favourites are: Kuroko no Basket (basketball), Haikyuu!! (volleyball) Prince of Stride (running/stride) and Yuri on Ice (ice skating) - No.6: It's short and sweet, got some nice healthy action along with two main male characters who are cute as heck. My heart hurt because of ending though, lots of angst. It's an interesting watch Can't think of anymore, but I'll update this list if I do!
  3. I guess I've done this in regards to my gender. I've tried many labels but none of them really fit me, I'm not cis but I haven't really put a label on and I'm okay if I never find one that fits but if I do find one and I'm really comfortable with it, I'd use it I think!
  4. I'm 17 (18 in July) and I don't know if I've ever really had a squish... I can only think of one instance and that would be with by best friend at the moment. I consider him my best friend and I just hope we don't loose contact after high school I think it'd break my heart. It's probably the closest thing to a squish I've ever had.
  5. I shave my underarms but I don't shave my legs or anything. I don't like the idea that women must shave and that it's frowned upon if you don't. I still wear makeup and (like I said just before) shave my underarms but I do that for me because it makes me feel more comfortable. Femininity as a whole is not something I'm totally fussed with I don't hate it I'm more indifferent to it I guess. With the shaving thing I just think well, our bodies are growing these hairs just like pretty much every other person on the planet. The hairs are meant to be there so it shouldn't be seen as bad for a woman to not shave. If anything not shaving is more natural. If they want to shave that's fine! But if they don't well that should be fine too.
  6. Nah I don't feel comfortable with that stuff at all...
  7. Hey! I'm a teenager too and I can relate to what your going through mostly, the only difference being that I'm asexual. So I've had a pretty rough time accepting my aro-ness and I can't say I've become completely happy with it yet but I'm getting better at least. So I was confronted with the "problem" that a boy in my class liked me and when I tried to picture any romantic future with him I was immediately quite repulsed by the idea (my level of repulsion surprised me actually) and I realised how happy I am to have platonic relationships rather than romantic ones. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that because if the ridiculous world we live in kids at our age are expected to date and such which kind of throws us aro kids to the kerb and makes us feel really invalid and all that jaz. I tried to look at it from this perspective. The reason I'm feeling invalid is because I'm not doing what it feels like everyone wants me to do. But that pressure that's telling teens to date is the same pressure that tells us that women must have clean shaven legs and that men can't show any signs of femininity other wise they're not manly enough (which to me is pretty ridiculous). So I try to look at it like that and think that despite what everyone says you don't need romance to be happy and all the friendships you have are just as valid. I can't help you much in the "sex" part sorry! I don't know if that made much sense but good luck!
  8. @Holmbo that is a very good point you made.. to be honest I'm not really sure if I specifically want a romantic date...i guess i'm still figuring all these feelings out I guess I wouldn't mind just doing what you described, just getting to know the person thank you so much for commenting (and everyone else as well!!!!!)
  9. aww thank you! @Kaiger Pufflehugs IV
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