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Introducing Myself

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Hey, guys! I'm Samantha, but you can call me Sam. I'm aro ace. I basically knew I've been aro ace since the beginning of high school, but I never actually learned the words aromantic and asexual until I was about 15 years old (I'm 21 now). I know a lot of people on the ace/aro spectrum thought they were broken or thought there was something wrong with them before they found the terms, but surprisingly, I never felt that way at all. It was just a part of who I was, and I accepted that. I never really thought much of it. 


My hobbies include astrology, MBTI, video games, reading, tv shows, movies, and social media. I'm basically a hermit. 


I've been on AVEN since 2013, but I only just found this place! I'm so behind!! :facepalm: 


Also, I gave myself 28 profile views just by editing my profile so much. Hehe oops. 

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