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Movies/TV Shows without romantic plots? (Rogue One spoilers?)


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Guess I'm pulling up a necro topic, but hey, I'm new here and it interested me 🤷‍♂️☺️

After reading through other posts, I can think of other historical or historical fiction without romance. My brain goes to the Holocaust with the likes of Jojo Rabbit and Schindler's List.

I don't know why my brain kept going here while reading a thread about aro representation in media, but hear me out: Valentine's Day 😅

Okay, okay. There is A LOT of romance in that movie, but it also does a good job of highlighting the complexity of interpersonal relationships imo. There's a person pretty much convinced she's aro. She ultimately decides otherwise, but not before attending a party filled with people who are happy being aro! There's a man convinced he's in love with a friend because of how close their friendship is only to realize: nope this is probably "just a friendship," so they conclude, or maybe even a QPR, had they the terminology (yeah, I guess I'm adding that part in, so the representation there is a little lost).

Anyway, it's a movie whose plot is fueled by romance AND aromanticism AND everything in between. So the romance that is there doesn't feel frivolous, and I thought the representation was interesting and apparent.

There's also just identification of how complex interpersonal relationships are in expression. From vapid teens to seasoned (adulterous) veterans and aro to quasi-platonic, the movie, in my opinion, really shows the spectrum of romance.


Anywho. This thread was a fun find and read, so I'm not so worried about pulling it's carcass back up to the top 😏 Cheers 🥂🍾

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