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Hello Wonderful People!

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Hi! My name is Anne and I'm seventeen, attending high school in North Carolina and aromantic. Just scrolling through this website has made me feel so much more certain and accepted in my identity so I have a big thank you for everyone who helped create/manage this website and everyone who participates in it, y'all are all so accepting and nice and made me feel like I'm a part of a community instead of just an isolated individual. I'm  excited to interact with/get to know you more. I've very recently discovered that aromantic exists as an orientation and that I am aromantic. At first I was really worried about that as well as my discovery that my gender doesn't really fit into one of two boxes, but now I'm more comfortable with it. I once dated a girl for all of half a week before I decided it was not something I wanted to do at all. I'm perfectly fine with being single and getting all my companionship from friends and family. I have plenty of love, love for science and writing, reading and riding my bike, music and art and French, my friends and my family, why do I need romantic love?

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