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Who else is looking forward to the second season of Sense8? It's a long time coming still, May 5th, but I was thinking about it so I wanted to make a post about it.


It's a very queer show and even though there's no aromantic characters in it (though it's not like everyone is explicitly romantic so who knows) there's definitely some questioning of amatonormativity. One of the characters even states that romantic love is evil :P Unfortunately I think it's just him and not some overall message of the series.

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Yes :3


The christmas special had two points where I wanted to hit the wall or something, but otherwise its a good show. One of them was the scene where the bunch of slurs came up, and they decided to mix in the word 'pig'...seriously? The guy was high as a kite on some hard drugs 24/24 for the last few months, he looks like a zombie, he abandoned his family without a word and that's what you can come up with? That he is/was a cop?

Also there were some allonormative things as well. 

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