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Highlighting Rare Identities Project


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I've decided to start a project on my blog to highlight rare gender, sexual and romantic identities. For this project, I'll do online interviews (email or PM) of people who identify as a rare, lesser-known label, and post that interview on my blog to raise awareness of what that identity means. For more information, you can look at the blog entry announcing this project. On Friday I'll also have an example post where I interview myself about why I identify as cupioromantic.



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13 hours ago, aussiekirkland said:

This sounds like Ashley Mardell's (now Ash Hardell) book ABC's of LGBT+ in the way she not only talks about rare identities but she also humanises them with blurbs by people who identify that way.


I like the idea of humanising identities like that and think your idea is really cool.


I'm a big fan of Ash Hardell! I'd really like to get that book, and I like her videos!

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