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Hi everyone!


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Hi! :)


24 year old girl from Holland here. Still haven't completely figured out my romantic orientation, but I'm definitely somewhere on the aro spectrum. I occassionally enjoy romance in fiction (I like to read fanfic), but in real life... Not so much. I've had like 3 or 4 crushes in my life, but those were all on people I just admired from afar... I guess I kind of like the idea of romance, but when someone actually shows romantic interest in me I just freak out. I might have some lithromantic tendencies. For a long time I thought I was just shy and awkward and I should try harder, give people a chance. I've tried some dating sites/apps, but that was pretty useless. Sure, I've met some nice people, but I just didn't care at all about really getting to know them and dating them. The few dates I went on felt more like just friends hanging out (plus them flirting with me and then me being weirded out). So I completely gave up on that and now I'm trying to fully embrace the single aro life. ^_^ (Although a qpp might be nice, who knows.) 


Some other stuff about me: I'm an ISFP. I love to travel, watch TV shows (I'm a massive Supernatural fan), go to concerts, read... I just finished grad school, but unfortunately I didn't enjoy it at all. My internship was terrible and I no longer have any desire to work in that field... So I'm gonna do something totally different with my life and start with a yearlong make-up artistry course later this year. Really excited about it. 


By the way, I love that we have ice cream here instead of cake. Ice cream is obviously superior. :P



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