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  1. wth i want to try a "golden gaytime" ! we don't have those in the states
  2. Thank you Blue Phoenix. This was the best yolo I've heard in a while. I want to own a comedy club, just living for the sound of laughter. I know I'll want kids, when I'm stable enough to be there for them. A qpr would be nice, too. We'll see
  3. I relate to this thread. Ideally I want a "you do you and I'll do me, but know we're here for each other if either of us needs help" kind of setup. And the need for personal space is so real.
  4. I like C! the simplicity of A is very nice too though
  5. I came out to my younger brother in the car one day when I was parking. He looks out the window at the divider lines and he says "You're not straight." And I say "You got that right, but how's the car?" I don't remember exactly when I told my parents, but they know I'm bi (and not a romantic type, but I haven't used the word "aromantic" with them yet). My mom told me she hopes I end up with a man, if only because it would make my life easier. I've gotten the "I don't want you to die alone" talk, too. That's a rough one. But they ALSO made it clear that they want me to be happy and successful on my own terms before anything else.
  6. I feel so enlightened now ^^ thanks everyone, enjoy the ice cream!
  7. you could put greens on pizza! healthy aro cuisine
  8. welcome to the ice cream partyy
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