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Hi everyone!


My name is Lucy, I'm 24, from Melbourne, Australia, and I'm aro ace. I've known I was ace for six or so years, but knowing I'm aro only really clicked for me about three years ago? Figuring that one out finally was a relief, made my teen years make infinitely more sense - though it would have been nice to not figure it out in the middle of a first date with a nice person :P


I found this forum about three weeks ago, and it's taken about that much time for me to overcome my new-communities shyness and introduce myself. Literally all of my IRL friends are romantic, and mostly in very committed relationships, which gets incredibly exhausting and isolating sometimes. Even my friends who are ace often just don't get where I'm coming from or why I'm upset or frustrated by some stuff - so I'm really looking forward to getting to chat to other people who are arospec! 


Other facts about me: I'm a Materials engineer who also has an arts degree in Linguistics, but if you stumble across me on tumblr or Twitter at the moment it mostly looks like I'm obsessed with ice hockey. I will also happily talk your ears off about comics if you let me! 

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5 hours ago, Louis Hypo said:

Wait you know people IRL who are ace? Anyway welcome *buzz buzz* to arocalypse *buzz buzz* and I hope you enjoy your time here *buzz* :icecream:

Yeah, a few people! My best friend, my longest childhood friend and a couple of others. That odd phenomenon where you end up accidentally making a group of yourselves before you know what you have in common (none of us figured out we were ace until after high school, which is where we met) 

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