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Hello! I'm Jexen. Aromantic and highly likely to also be asexual (not quite sure on that yet)

How did I find out?

well it all started when I watched the JaidenAnimations Video (you know which one), I think I watched it rather close to release. I don't think I taught about my romantic/sexual orientation much (or at all) before that.

Then I was in a state of questioning (maybe denial) for a while, irregularly peeking into AroAce spaces, but never really getting to a conclusion other that "probably" or something that amounted to "that Crush, the thing many people apparently experience from an age as young as 10,  will surely come soon".

Then, a few days ago, I was arguing with someone on the internet abut weather something was romantic and the person I was arguing against just didn't know what "romantic" meant. (while I have never experienced romance myself, I know what it generally means by definition) Just to put it in perspective, I'm pretty sure, at one point they tried to say, that if I were to pay someone for their company PLATONICALLY, I would be trying to romance them. (isn't platonic literally defined as not romantic?)

so after that I had to double check the definition of romance by typing "under what circumstances does something count as "romantic"" into the search bar, which somehow lead me to a reddit post, which then lead me to a part of the "Aromanticism FAQ", which I also see linked on this site, which then lead me to a Topic (that's what you call them here, right?) here where people discussed early signs that they were Aro. Once I had read through all of that over the span of a few days, I realized the amount of things I could relate to was just too much to keep second guessing myself on that topic. (second guessing thoughts will probably still come, but I will try to ignore those)

Then I decided to make an account here and try hanging around a bit, I guess

A bit more about me:

I like the by now long discontinued Lego theme Bionicle (that's like my core interest)

I have ADHD, so I guess (assuming I'm also Asexual, which I have not been able to confirm to myself, but is very likely) you could call me triple-A (would that still be considered a good/cool thing nowadays? with how the situation has been more recently, wouldn't it be better to be indie?)

sorry for making this so long

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[either the fact that I'm 12 or the fact that my school computer is the only device that I have ever remotely considered mine has played a part in me not knowing what bionicle is]


23 hours ago, Jexen said:


I had some friends that would call themselves the triple-As cuz their names all started with A.

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