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Hello new here!

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Hi I go by poppy online so that's probably what I'll use here, not very used to forums yet since I mainly use discord but hopefully I'm doing this right!

I'm 19, transfem (she/her) and from looking at all the different aromantic orientations that were on the big list it's probably easier to just describe it more long form -w-

I am deeply uncomfortable with the idea of commitment due to past bad experiences, I do generally enjoy fantasizing about romantic interactions in stories and media but I've found that I can't enjoy it myself. Flirting makes me horribly anxious and I can never tell what the other person actually wants because if I was in that situation I'd just want sex and it feels weird obscuring that through a strange lingusitic dance. I prefer platonic friends-with-benefits relationships rather than a deep emotional bond, I'd be way more comfortable with having sex with someone and sleeping with them and cuddling and then going back to being platonic friends the next day. It's all so complicated and I get tired of it so easily...

Hopefully I get to meet some people on here, I've been really desperately looking for some connection with other aros because I feel so distant talking with friends about this stuff who just do not get it as much as they really try. It's just not the same as having people who've actually lived through similar experiences and understand id imagine.

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I suppose a more concrete answer on "who am i" is also good to have but maybe I want to be mysterious and silly. I enjoy creative writing and video editing a lot and I apparently have decent music taste according to friends (though I will NEVER accept this as fact.), I enjoy art and video games and all that too but I will probably always be very bad at creating either ;p

I main healers in overwatch, very typical gamer girl here. You get the idea..

Oh yes and 3 edits later I'm also autistic... and adhd... and anxiety disorder... thank GOD the edit button is an unlimited resource.

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14 minutes ago, Jot-Aro Kujo said:

Hello. What kind of music are you into?

I enjoy stuff with a lot of noise really, I've been getting more into breakcore recently (mainly femtanyl). jack stauber and bill wurtz are also favorites of mine, genre is such a fickle thing to me it's impossible to pin down anything very specific other than types of songs from specific artists lol.

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