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Ok so this is just for funny stories bc I want to hear some silly goofy stories 


Here is one of my many:

So there's a boy in my class who we can call Jeff so Jeff decided to *jokingly because his friend was nearby* ask me to the dance. I said no because 1 aromanticism and 2 he was just teasing me but Jeff said, "Can I sing you a song?" I said please don't. 

This child serenaded me with old town road.

He also inspired my signature: With great Rizz comes great responsibility 

I know it's so wise and touching.

More wise quotes from Jeff:

-With great Rizz comes great responsibility 

-Have a perfect night (tehe)



-Kilo? More like Ohio. (I use several names my main two are Malachite and Kilo)

- He mewed at me during CMAS help

- More coming soon (I'll edit everytime he says something)


So yeah post your stories here!! :D


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