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Ok so this is just for funny stories bc I want to hear some silly goofy stories 


Here is one of my many:

So there's a boy in my class who we can call Jeff so Jeff decided to *jokingly because his friend was nearby* ask me to the dance. I said no because 1 aromanticism and 2 he was just teasing me but Jeff said, "Can I sing you a song?" I said please don't. 

This child serenaded me with old town road.

He also inspired my signature: With great Rizz comes great responsibility 

I know it's so wise and touching.

More wise quotes from Jeff:

-With great Rizz comes great responsibility 

-Have a perfect night (tehe)



-Kilo? More like Ohio. (I use several names my main two are Malachite and Kilo)

- He mewed at me during CMAS help

- More coming soon (I'll edit everytime he says something)


So yeah post your stories here!! :D


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3 hours ago, Cavetowns_fkin_awesome said:

New quotes:

"Mr.Mak we have beef" -a kid

"You trynna box? square up then, come on" -Mr.Mak

my school is great guys

That actually sounds amazing lol, unfortunately not many of my teachers possess a sense of humour

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Our recess monitors are savage:

*a kid shows her an intentionally bad drawing, says it's shrek*

"Oh really? I thought it was a self portrait."


And a quote:

"Knock on the door, if no one answers, break in." - Me to my friend who asked if she could use the bathroom at my house.

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Here's another:

"are you the rizzler?" (my friend to me)

"no, but I am mentally ill" (me)

"YEAH bc IM the rizzler." *mews* (my friend)


idk anymore guys I'm so confused T-T

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Last year in our choir class our teacher would have these repeat after me warm ups, and sometimes he would call out people for things: (oh and by the way, the warm ups don't exactly make sense)

"Super bubble gum, Super duper bubble gum, Someone's chewing bubble gum in my class and I think it's [name]"

"Don't forget your water bottle, water bottle, water bottle, don't forget your water bottle, so don't be like [name]"

"Happy birthday, nobody cares! Happy birthday, nobody cares! Happy birthday nobody ca-ares, happy birthday, noting cares!"

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9 hours ago, allhailtheglowcloud said:

That takes some talent... I assume they glued themselves?

no 😭 I have no idea how they did it but they didn’t glue themselves 

I think somebody put the glue on the chair beforehand

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Had a harp recital today and it was very entertaining.


"[Name] has the honor of being the only one who is playing a song by a composer who is still alive-"

"Taylor Swift is dead!?"

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On 5/15/2024 at 9:10 PM, organs and bone said:

we had a substitute the other day and one kid got glued to a chair 💀 

What? T-T

we have a sub today help me I said I wasn't a girl (I have somewhat long hair) and he said "I support what you're doing with your book" I WAS SO CONFUSED and then he awkwardly stared at my computer over my shoulder for like 5 mins

HOW DID SOMEONE GET GLUED TO A CHAIR like how wouldn't they notice I'm so confused

I've got a few new ones, big surprise, my choir teacher 

"On Wednesdays, we wear pink. *non-existent hair flip*"


"[Name] if you try to fight [Name] this entire choir class will jump you"


"I will throw [Name] at you"


"erm ACHUALLY *snort*"


Shout-out to Mr.Mak guys T-T

Oh and I almost forgot


a table broke, it actually just fell on two kids

and wait there's more

we got a new table yesterday and not even 10 minutes later two boys were wrestling apparently while the sub went to the bathroom and they shoved the NEW table over by mistake and both went down with it

I LOVE MY SCHOOL (help me)

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new update one day later T-T 

So our teacher we just found out has pneumonia so we have a sub.

The sub took song requests.

They put on shrekophone (saxophone shrek) 10 hour loop.

He didn't turn it off Lord help us

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My actual teacher takes song requests...

Someone put on Coco melon and everyone just died.


And there was this one time when we were trying to write essays but we were all screaming at the roof because it was hailing so hard that there was an extreme weather warning.

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Every single music lesson my teacher spends about half of the lesson telling us interesting stories about his life. Here are some I can think of right now:


His 2 year old's first experience of curry (not too spicy don't worry) 

His sister coming over and losing the ironing board somehow 

His weightlifting progress after he borrowed his wife's weights

His 2 year old getting stuck in a beanbag

His dreadful saxophone playing when he was 12

How he spilled coffee on his wife's friend's new carpet and had to research the best way to get it out and make it spotless again before they both came back in the room

How he spent 3 hours moving his piano into the kitchen last Sunday afternoon 

His hat collection

How he found a random sock on his desk yesterday

His 2 year old trying to eat toilet paper

What his neighbours think about his drum playing at 7 am on a Saturday morning

His sister singing 'baby shark' in the shower when she stayed over recently 

His 2 year old trying to eat a shoe

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Adding another one
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