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hello there

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what's up i'm ben or cedric, my pronouns are he/him and i recently figured out that i'm somewhere on the aro spectrum. i've been ace for a while now but this is new. aroace-ish? arovague? gay? somewhere in the middle, i guess. well. someone recommended this site and now i'm here. i like books, music, star wars and cats. i'd love to talk to people but i can be slow with replies sometimes.

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Don’t worry about not knowing were you are on the spectrum, you are welcome here! 

We have a lot of topics about books, music and animals and there are quite a few lovers of Star Wars here (I like it too, mostly the ‘side stories’ and the Old Republic games.)

Also, the nice bit about a forum is that you don’t have to reply fast or a lot. It’s a more chill medium than say Discord. That’s what I like about it anyway.

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4 hours ago, midnight_radio said:

i like books, music, star wars and cats.

If you like Star Wars and cats, you'll fit in here, I promise.

Oh, and welcome!

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