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opposition to the term non-binary

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This has gone on a while, and I don't think we're going to persuade each other. All I can say is, to most people who call themselves nonbinary (including me), nonbinary is not an ideological term. Heck, the fact that it's not ideological is the reason why I ID as nonbinary instead of genderqueer, if given the option. And I'm pretty sure the cis people who would take it as a political statement and get angry would take any other term we came up with for not fitting the gender binary as ideological too; the concept itself is what would offend them, not the specific term.

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It's easier to say I'm nonbinary than explain that I'm genderless to most people. I find it more agreeable than people calling me agender or gq.


But like, whatever floats a person's boat, man. I can see why you might find the wording politicized, but I can't think of a better umbrella term.


EDIT: I wanted to add since I love computer logic in my mogai lifestyle, since binary code is made of 1s and 0s, any 2/1.5/e would be non-binary, so that might be a good way to think of agender/bigender/etc as being non-binary in the absence of a third major gender, as mentioned a few posts ago?

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Hi, everyone!

I'm collecting video interviews from non-straight women and transgender and non-binary people on their relationships with their femininity.

If anyone is alright with me interviewing them, please let me know! If you know anyone who might be alright with being interviewed, put them in contact with me!

I'm going to be asking everyone questions like "how does wearing a dress make you feel?" and "do you like being described as feminine?" and I plan on asking questions specific to people's orientations and gender identities as well, such as "how do you respond when people say 'you don't look like a lesbian'?" or "as a trans-girl, do you feel obligated to wear make up to indicate to other people that you are a girl?" or "do people expect you to be available to men as a woman, even after you tell them you are aromantic?"

I'm going to edit all the interviews I get into one cohesive film and then show it in a theater at my school for a suggested donation of about a dollar. I'm going to donate all proceeds to the Urgent Action Fund for Women's Rights, an organization that grants money to activists for women's rights and LGBT+ rights, especially their intersection.

I need to have this finished by March of 2019.

Thanks for your time!

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