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  1. AH I haven't been here in a while, discovered people talkin' to me still! It's totally a good brewery! Houston has too many breweries in all fairness. I really need to brew more, but I really think I should try mead making at some point too. 5e; I tried 3.5 and got pissed off because confirming crits is bull. I spend way too much time scouring Unearthed Arcana and DMsGuild.
  2. I never really liked hoppy beer til I ate some hops in brewing class, haha. My typical Kolsch is St. Arnold's Santo, since it's local and easy to acquire I should try Brewer's Alley.
  3. I'm mostly a red/golden ale kid, but I'm also fond of tripels, kolche, and weird flavored beers
  4. I'm not really gonna police identities, but a lot of people say "bi" as any two or more genders. *shrug*
  5. Sorry to comment on a post from over a year ago, but I discovered I'm too into Baz Luhrmann, as all I can think of right now is various scenes in Romeo+Juliet and Ewan McGregor's singing in Moulin Rouge.
  6. I remember asking my parents to arrange a marriage for me when I was young, since I couldn't see the point of marriage aside from taxes and reproduction, and I thought they could find me a wealthy partner. There was also me playing with Barbies and instead of sending Barbie and Ken on dates, I had the women competing for the harem very Highlander style with intense battles but no romance ever. Weird kid, I know. In highschool I kept getting Accidental Boyfriends too; I'd go with someone to a dance or something, and instantly we were dating. The most "romantic" relationship I got into in highschool was a political ploy to become the leader of a social group. I...may not have had the healthiest trip into aromanticism.
  7. I was saying often that's what I, personally, am talking about. I volunteer and participate in a lot of lesbian-oriented communities/charities/events, so it's what comes up most in my conversations. When it comes down to it, I don't talk about aro/ace/men/masculine-aligned individuals much in my regular day-to-day life, just because it's not really the community subset I find myself involved with. I of course recognize trans, non-SGA bi people, etc as part of the community.
  8. Ahaha, well I don't exactly have magical first kisses so much as drunkenly making out with friends, so... (And also I second Delta V cunnalingus is A+ 11/10 you should try it) I...guess that's fair, I can't talk for romantics obviously. Then again, I can make out with people I'd never wanna go to third base with, so I guess I can kinda peripherally get it. (Sorry I necro'd a bunch of threads when I joined :P) Also totally off topic, but for the most part cleaning public toilets isn't too bad in my 8 meager months of experience, haha
  9. Sounds like some fascinating games there
  10. I stopped shaving my legs in high school for a really stupid reason--I despise the feeling of jeans on bare skin. I'm enough of a self-centered person that no relative could nag me into shaving, cuz I didn't want gross legs, dammit! It was a lot easier to avoid a lot of other mandatory tasks placed upon the female class by the patriarchy after that.
  11. Thank you! And I'm studying for my certification in Mortuary Science, haha. I'm sure they're ok with me prettying them up and stickin' them in the dirt. They don't need me joining them any time soon.
  12. Hardcore lesliebean. I may not identify as a woman, but I'm very in touch with this female human vessel I live inside. I guess the only way gender has ever effected me is I feel gay as heck no matter who I'm attracted to? To be honest, the gender of a person I am sexually or aesthetically attracted to affects my feelings more than my conceptualization of personal gender.
  13. It's easier to say I'm nonbinary than explain that I'm genderless to most people. I find it more agreeable than people calling me agender or gq. But like, whatever floats a person's boat, man. I can see why you might find the wording politicized, but I can't think of a better umbrella term. EDIT: I wanted to add since I love computer logic in my mogai lifestyle, since binary code is made of 1s and 0s, any 2/1.5/e would be non-binary, so that might be a good way to think of agender/bigender/etc as being non-binary in the absence of a third major gender, as mentioned a few posts ago?
  14. I know a TON of dysphoric women in online lesbian/butch circles, so yeah, it's definitely a thing. Some of them are even detransitioned, but working hard on accepting themselves. I am in a kinda tricky category...I don't think of myself as trans, but since I also don't see myself as a woman, a lot of people would say I'm not cis. I'd say if I count as cis, hell yeah I have dysphoria out the yin yang. Nothing I can really solve, though. Lots of people have various issues that cause physical, sexual, or social dysphoria for whatever reason. Human brainmeats are weird.
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