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  1. Sorry to comment on a post from over a year ago, but I discovered I'm too into Baz Luhrmann, as all I can think of right now is various scenes in Romeo+Juliet and Ewan McGregor's singing in Moulin Rouge.
  2. I remember asking my parents to arrange a marriage for me when I was young, since I couldn't see the point of marriage aside from taxes and reproduction, and I thought they could find me a wealthy partner. There was also me playing with Barbies and instead of sending Barbie and Ken on dates, I had the women competing for the harem very Highlander style with intense battles but no romance ever. Weird kid, I know. In highschool I kept getting Accidental Boyfriends too; I'd go with someone to a dance or something, and instantly we were dating. The most "romantic" relationship I got into in highschool was a political ploy to become the leader of a social group. I...may not have had the healthiest trip into aromanticism.
  3. Ahaha, well I don't exactly have magical first kisses so much as drunkenly making out with friends, so... (And also I second Delta V cunnalingus is A+ 11/10 you should try it) I...guess that's fair, I can't talk for romantics obviously. Then again, I can make out with people I'd never wanna go to third base with, so I guess I can kinda peripherally get it. (Sorry I necro'd a bunch of threads when I joined :P) Also totally off topic, but for the most part cleaning public toilets isn't too bad in my 8 meager months of experience, haha
  4. I stopped shaving my legs in high school for a really stupid reason--I despise the feeling of jeans on bare skin. I'm enough of a self-centered person that no relative could nag me into shaving, cuz I didn't want gross legs, dammit! It was a lot easier to avoid a lot of other mandatory tasks placed upon the female class by the patriarchy after that.
  5. Hardcore lesliebean. I may not identify as a woman, but I'm very in touch with this female human vessel I live inside. I guess the only way gender has ever effected me is I feel gay as heck no matter who I'm attracted to? To be honest, the gender of a person I am sexually or aesthetically attracted to affects my feelings more than my conceptualization of personal gender.
  6. I know a TON of dysphoric women in online lesbian/butch circles, so yeah, it's definitely a thing. Some of them are even detransitioned, but working hard on accepting themselves. I am in a kinda tricky category...I don't think of myself as trans, but since I also don't see myself as a woman, a lot of people would say I'm not cis. I'd say if I count as cis, hell yeah I have dysphoria out the yin yang. Nothing I can really solve, though. Lots of people have various issues that cause physical, sexual, or social dysphoria for whatever reason. Human brainmeats are weird.
  7. ???????????? That was a movie about three people wanting to get it on with a chick? I guess it's more sexual than romantic in all fairness... Speaking of sexual but not romantic, YMMV, but I really loved Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. It's basically about chicks conning their way into a free vacation in Hawaii because these brothers were forced by their parents to bring dates, and while there's couples at the end, they really just seem like a bunch of bros who have sex with each other as opposed to romantic partners. Also in 22 Jump Street there's a bunch of jokes based around Jenko/Schmidt and Zook/Schmidt, both of whom I could 1000% see as being in QPRs. (I...have a certain taste in movies.) On the more innocent side of things, there was 0 romance in Moana, if you haven't seen it yet somehow. I should also compile a list of other films of various genres I like that have no romance or mild background romance.
  8. Kissing has always been a distinctly sexual thing to me, since I was little-little. I still remember being scolded for not kissing relatives because the concept disgusted me, haha. (I didn't know non-sexual open-mouth kissing even existed? Is...is that a thing for romantic people? How?) Even "platonic" kisses feel like they're supposed to lead to something sexual to me, which makes me uncomfy sometimes. Something that I DO view as romantic 90% of the time is holding hands. It makes me super uncomfortable to hold hands with someone for more than a few seconds. Far too intimate.
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