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I've just signed up for the forum. I'm questioning pretty heavily if I'm aromantic rn or not. Currently I'm defining myself as Arovague (at least according to the comprehensive list that's posted here, this feels like the best fit for the time being). I just recently broke up with my long term partner because I think I am (there are many reasons for the breakup but my romantic attraction is one of the biggest reasons). I'm overall hoping to learn more about aromanticism and get closer to the community. 


On a much lighter note I love playing videogames, dnd, and reading. I'm currently in university and close to graduating with my undergrad! I'm trying to get into grad school but it is yet to be seen if I am accepted. I hope to make many new friends here!

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12 hours ago, MondoBilby said:

Welcome to the forum! I'm a bit of a video game enthusiast as well, what kinda video games do you like?

I generally tend to play almost anything!

I'm currently playing "lies of P". I'm far from the biggest fan of the souls like genre but I must admit they do a good job at making you feel certain ways. Otherwise I love puzzle games such as "Portal 2" and "tetris", shooters such as "doom" and roguelikes such as "risk of rain 2". 

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