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Why Are People Randomly Talking To Me Now?

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So basically, out of nowhere, people started talking more to me (like for example, this guy that I've been seeing for 4 years on my bus and just talked to me this week) and saying that they find me pretty and all. I just dont get how bcs I was literally invisible a few months ago and I haven't even changed

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I don't have an answer for you either, but this does remind me of right when I first started identifying as aromantic, lot's of people started either admitting they had had crushes on me, currently do, or even sometimes complete strangers will ask for my SnapChat (from the people I grew up around at least, this is not considered a platonic question anymore) and it confuses me truly. None of these people know I'm aromantic, though.

There would even be people who are quite a bit older than me who would start flirting with me at work (this doesn't happen as much, thank God). And like, sure I know I'm young and whatnot, but I dress so masculinely, and most of the people who flirt with me are men/guys, so I guess they're just into that - and into my stale ass responses to their flirting.

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