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why do all my friendships just fade away


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i finished high school about 3 month ago and during high school, me and my supposed friends were together from 7am till 10pm(we stayed at school to study). when school finished we just stopped, we dont go out together, there are like 5 messages per week in our gp, etc.

even my closest friend, the one who knew how much i care for my friends, the one who knew how much it is hard for me to accept people as my friends because i am scared of losing them and the hurt that come afterward. yeah he just stopped texting me, for a whole month i tried, i keep sending him silly things i find, etc. but now im just tired of trying. 

i was so frustrated yesterday i even deleted my telegram acc but not even one of them care to message me and ask WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED ?

i mean why should they, they have each other  and their romantic partners why bother with the needy aromantic one then?

god im just feeling so lonely and this is the only place where i think i would be understood/

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Unfortunately, high school is the easiest time to maintain friendships because you're forced together in close quarters for so much of the day. After that, people can get really lax/lazy/uncaring/unmotivated to actually put in the work to stay friends. I'm so sorry. :( Your feelings are valid, and I'm glad you knew you could talk about this with us.

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