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i think im aro, might even be ace

Guest didi

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For quite some time I thought i was aromantic and I’m quite sure that I actually am.

I have never really shown any interest toward guys, neither girls, to romance at all. 

 I’ve never really been in a relathionship. I got absolutely no interest for that. I’m kinda doubtful, should i at least try? I might actually feel attraction to somebody.

Take up the case that basically my whole life I never really had any type of boy crushes. At some point i even started lying to people like OMG I DO LIKE SOMEONE so they would stop bothering me.

I did try meeting guys, but never shown any interest to continuing to do anything other than just you know ‘being friends’. So i had more ‘situationships’ than anything else other than that.

Should i at least try? Try to love someone? I’ve got no need for that. I do not mind how am i standing right now. 

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2 hours ago, Guest didi said:

I got absolutely no interest for that. I’m kinda doubtful, should i at least try?

Well yeah there's the whole 'you won't know until you try' but I mean if you already know that you're not into it, then you know?

Can't say for sure but I think there's a difference between experiencing romantic attraction, and being romantically attracted to someone. The former being you want it in general, the latter that the desire is attached to a particular person(s). Do you not want romance at all in general, or do you think that meeting a special someone will stir up the feelings?

What's the point if you like the person but then dislike the idea of showing/receiving romantic attention?

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Attraction is not something you make happen. You could try going on a romantic date if you want to see what it's like. But you can't try romance, either you get the feelings or you don't.

However there are lots of different aspects to romance. You could look up relationship anarchy smorgasbord and see if there's some activities on there you want to try out.

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It sounds like you already have tried a little bit. If you have no interest in these things, have no need for these things, and you are happy with the way things are now, what reason do you have for seeking a relationship? You could take all the same things you've said and use them for an argument in favour of being single.

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