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Anyone interested in starting a group?

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Some context here: I notice a lot of people post about being lonely or being left behind when friends get into relationships and marriages, but are not sure what to do about it. Would anyone be interested in starting some sort of general non-sexual meetup group where people could meet each other, do activities possibly, and otherwise have a community? I admit I'm not sure what that would look like but we could discuss that and vote on it if necessary. I do think some sort of structured activity - maybe even a virtual choir - would be a good idea because if a friendship is built on just talking then people tend to run out of subject matter to talk about. 

Thoughts? PM me if interested.

I just thought that if I can see a problem I might as well get off my butt (well, sit ON my butt, I'm at a computer right now haha) and take steps towards a solution.

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Like, virtually, or in real life? I think real life would be pretty hard to pull off considering the geographical spread here, not to mention the age range (I know internet safety awareness is basically nonexistent here but I do hope the kids still at least know better than to meet up with strangers). Have you checked Aces and Aros to see if there's one near you?

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