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Ricky Dillon's Coming Out Video

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I don't know if you guys have already seen this video but I'm so excited about it I just had to share it with you all.


I've never watched his videos but I know he has a huge audience so this is such a victory for the aromantic and asexual communities.


He discusses that he isn't comfortable with any labels, though a lot of commenters (including myself) pointed out that as aro aces, we can relate a lot to his experiences. I'm pretty sure I could substitute this video for actually coming out because of how accurately it describes my experiences.


And although he mentions asexuality, his experiences tie in with a lot of aromantic experiences so I'd consider this a victory for us all :aropride:


Also I do wonder if he'd have an easier time coming out to people with some useful language under his belt rather than this whirlwind of personal confusion. Being able to talk about forms of attraction might make that easier for him? I don't know.


Awesome video though, would recommend.

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There's this unofficial rating system for a coming out video which assesses length, directness, information, information density and overuse of tears/sympathy (unless it's appropriate). Yes it is pretty harsh but it helps a bit. Now, length... quite long, 6-8 minutes max is a good guideline. Directness... hesitation at beginning is allowed and once he got into it it was very factual, saying it how it is which is good. Information... top marks for displaying something not many people understand. Information density... could have used editing because is was quite drawn out. Overuse of tears/sympathy... none of that which is good. Overall, longer than it needs to be but ticks every other box, and 1,000,000,000,000 points for asexual awareness.

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Nice find! I think it makes sense for him to draw it out like that and avoid using too many label-ish kinds of words that most people probably aren't familiar with. If I had to come out to people, and I want to be sure that they really understand, I'd probably say it in a pretty similar way... so this is a nice example to have.

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