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Does anyone want to live in a Van/Tiny home/RV/ whatever is along those lines?


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I wanna live in a nice comfortable home that doesn’t move on two wheels, and I also want to stay there. My thought is a somewhat medium/larger house that just looks nice but is still actually useable rather than just some large museum. I basically wanna have something nice that could also easily withstand large parties or something. Not to mention that I just think that a mobile home would sorta mess up a lot of things that would need to stay still, so I just overall don’t think it’s the best. Not to mention that goods ones often cost more than a house and it’s a pain to get rid of them if you change your mind. Oh and also… prices on maintenance and gas are just insane.

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It depends on what is around said tiny house. If I'm in a tiny house village with some communal things like craft areas, a gym, kitchen, ect then I could go for it (as long as I liked my neighbors). But like if it was a small cabin in the woods where I would basically have to just do everything outside it wouldn't work for me, I would rather just have a bigger house at that point. I also hate cars and driving so RVs aren't something I can do.

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