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Aromantic music playlists

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I made a similar topic like this one in Aromantic Discussion, but felt like it ultimately should've gone into Aromantic Pride and Culture.

I thought it would be cool for us to share our aro/aro-spec playlists, so that if anyone wanted to listen anyone else's or dabbled into another's playlists, they could do that more easily on a topic made for it!

Here's mine, it's a playlist made for any aro-spec ID, but it does ultimately have aroallo vibes and aroace vibes, with an emphasis on being single. So, not a lot for any romo-favorable aros, I'm afraid, but I do have a few songs indicating the singer being in a relationship though. The playlist has some aro artists in it, but it's ultimately songs I interpreted as aro or were purposely aro-coded.

It has over 600 songs on it, because I had to go stir crazy apparently, but feel free to check it out or share any of your own playlists 👍

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