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Is this all concerning?


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If I forget easily. Can't remember my childhood/past well. I can remember some parts, but not too many. If someone says something, I won't remember a word of it, immediately. If I'm in class and paid attention the entire time, I will eventually not remember what I learned. The large parts of my childhood that I can't remember as if it never happened. Family tells me I went some place, or did something as a child, and I ask them what they're talking about, and said I don't remember that at all. My bad memory has gotten bad at one point to the degree that my grandma said if it continues then I'm going to the doctor/hospital. It worsens around my time of the month.

One time, months ago, my grandparents were driving me to school, and took the same route that I've grown quite familiar with, and suddenly I couldn't recognize it at all. It seemed like we were going to a new place. I grew scared and confused.

I have no idea what this is but should i go see a professional?

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3 hours ago, Eclipse said:

I have no idea what this is but should i go see a professional?

Yes, as soon as possible. Don't wait, this is already way too serious.

Hope you get help, best of luck!

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