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Hi everyone!


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Hi guys, I’m Celandine! I’m aromantic bisexual and I use she and he pronouns. 
I’ve kind of nebulously considered myself “possibly arospec” for a year or so now, but I’ve only recently started IDing as fully aro (about 2 months I think?). It actually feels really freeing to finally recognise myself as aro — I confused myself for ages over the split attraction model because I don’t really view my (lack of) romantic attraction and sexual attraction as different things, if that makes sense? Since then I’ve begun viewing aromantic and bisexual as two equally accurate labels for the same part of myself, and that was really helpful for me. I’d be interested to know if anyone else feels similarly about their orientation(s) and the SAM, whether allosexual or ace (or somewhere between), because I haven’t seen anyone else mention this really so I’m curious if it’s fairly common or just a me thing :)

More general info about me! My favourite colours are yellow and green (I was delighted when I first found out about the alloaro flag lol), I love birds, cats, and mystery and time loop visual novels (like ace attorney, zero escape, gnosia, and ai: the somnium files), and I’m hoping to pick up the accordion soon.

I’m generally a bit of a lurker in online spaces, so I’ll probably be pretty quiet on here, but I thought it would be nice to introduce myself!

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Hi! Welcome to the forum! I'm Moon. My pronouns are They/them and He/him. I felt similarly before. I'm aro too. But, alas, I am an asexual (sorry if I sound like Shakespeare lol). My favorite colors are blue, green, black, silver/grey, pink, gold, red, orange, and yellow. I love most animals. Oh, mystery is delightful. Have some garlic bread (if you want). Again, welcome!

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