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These pretzels are making me thirsty


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I'm Dane and I live in Switzerland. Would love to meet other swiss people.

I am an artist and a movie/TV nerd. I've watched many things but I still have a lot to catch up on. Oh, and I guess I enjoy anthropomorphic animals.


I started labelling myself as aro for a little less than a year probably. 


I've had two physical romantic relationships that lasted a week and in both cases I was the one who ended things. And with that last one it left me asking myself if I was aro or something, but i quickly dismissed it. I enjoyed a lot of it just not the romantic aspect, it made me severely uncomfortable. Took me a while to realise that. And it's only later that I actually started questioning. 

Hey, maybe I haven't found the one yet but It's not like I'm looking either. I'm inclined to believe that romance is not for me.


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