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I called the Estonian police on my (now ex-squish) because I thought he was going to commit suicide when he really just wanted to end our friendship.

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basically, my story thats summed up all my realationships is, basically I thought they were crushes and started dating the person but it ended up being a squish. I didnt relize I was just kinda confused wether i liked them or not. But theres only been one relationship that ive accually had romantic attraction in. So ykyk.

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Is it still a squish if you're already friends with that person? If so then I've got a squish on my bff. I love spending time with him and will drop everything to hang out with him. Like, some weeks ago I was very, very sick. Like 40 C fever sick. But I didn't know it yet, so I was just trying to survive my lectures, feeling like a zombie. And I asked him to go get some icecream with me. And like the second we met up I felt so much better. Not only like happier, but actually physically better! Anyway I love him a lot and am very lucky to have him :)

As for squishes that I don't know well yet, I pretty much get a squish on all the cool queer and alt people in my uni. 

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