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What You Thought You Were Before You Identified as Arospec

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I thought I was pan (for some reason, I naturally gravitated to pan instead of bi), and then I thought I was only attracted to myself (is there even a term for that?) which felt like a very unflattering thing I could never say to anyone else. Aro has been a much better fit and just felt right once I learned about it.

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at first i just assumed i was straight (i grew up christian so...). then i thought bi/pan because i find people of all genders attractive, but i thought i was weird because these feelings would never really go anywhere beyond looks.

then i found out about aromanticism and with that about the many separate forms of attraction that exist including aesthetic (what i was mostly experiencing) and then the light bulb kinda went off in my head.

now i'm certain i'm aro but i'm still unsure if i'm bi/pan or maybe ace? i struggle to tell if my feelings have anything sexual or if it's only aesthetic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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