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Embrace change or...



Or embrace reality?


Someone said this to me just recently... "Live life, embrace the change"

I appreciated the support in this message, it was genuine.  But inside, it isn't a change.  It's who I been a VERY long time, but had no idea what it was.  So to me.  I am not changing.  I am being realistic.  Real with who I am.  


What do ya'll think about this? 


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i think it's more of a reality that you didn't really have the words to describe

i do embrace change in my daily life as a whole, but is my aroace identity a change?


i mean, personally, it's a very mixed question, because i feel like a lot has changed since i discovered my labels, but the labels were kinda meant to be, so it's a bit realistic?

i think for most the maximum that could change is probably the outlook on life, but that's basically it

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