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A conversation with my mom...


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So today i was sitting in the car with my mom and we were talking about going back to school and some of my classmates.I started talking about someone and my mom brought up how she was very obsessed with dating.And then proceeded to say that rather than liking boys she would start liking girls and said that she would become trans and said she would do it so people will like her and be her friend as if being trans or your sexuality is for attention or being popular.and that really upset me but she didn't stop there she said that when asked if i have a boyfriend or if i'm dating anyone i should fake having one.AND she started questioning why someone started using they/them pronouns and was very rude about it.And said that she would never understand people like that. This all happened in like 30 minutes and i have been upset about it since because who wouldn't this whole conversation was very disrespectful to literally everyone. :(

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