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tips on dealing w/ arophobia


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So I was out with my family today and although I've told them I'm aromantic, they always just laugh at me when I say I don't wanna get married and have children. They keep saying I'll change my mind when I'm older and marry a nice man (I'm bisexual) and have kids because they all said they didn't wanna get married when they were my age. I'd try and talk to them, but they aren't accepting of my queer identity in the slightest and we never talk about our emotions etc in my family so idk what to do. 

The majority of other people (non-family) in my life are a bit more accepting, but a couple of them have been saying that they think it's a phase and it's normal to question stuff like this and they hope I'll find the right person one day. And I get that they're trying to help or make me feel better, but it doesn't. Especially as I'm struggling with so much internalised arophobia as well -- I'm non-binary and bisexual as well, both of which were difficult to come to terms with, but the aromanticism has definitely been so much harder, and every comment just makes me feel so much worse and I hate myself so much more. If anyone has any advice/something that'll make me feel better etc, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you <3

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Talking to other aros helps, I think, getting to know that there's other people out there and that it's not all doom and gloom all the time. As for dealing with other people, honestly... I'd say just keep being yourself. My family got over it after a few years when it became clear that I wasn't going to change. I didn't make a huge fuss over things, I just continued being me. Most people will give up eventually, and if they don't, well... They're not worth your time tbh

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