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What would you like a gift for at work?

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recently where I work someone had got married and a few people had a whip round and bought him a small gift.

The same happened a while back when one of the guys here had a kid. Just a really nice, small gesture that something important to you is happening. A few of us who knew him best also went out for a small celebratory trip to the pub before he took his time off.

But it did make me wonder, these are milestones I am really not interested in and I can't think of many other things that get that treatment (retirement from or leaving the job is the only one that springs to mind). Mostly the milestones we celebrate are connected to romance or at least what you might call a traditional life plan.

This interests me as it is likely something I can change by encouraging a bit of giving for other celebrations. Say, if they are comfortable with it I am going to try to encourage some people to grab a beer with a guy who just moved into a new home, something like that.

So are there any things that you would want to get that small celebration for.


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Last place I worked for a boss was a cooking shop with a team of about 10 people. We would each chip in whenever it was someones birthday and get them a small gift, but I can see that getting very expensive when you work in a big office…

A new house/place is a nice occasion for a gift too though. Maybe when I get a new pet? I’ve bought ‘maternity gifts’ for kittens and puppy’s before :)

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