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Solo podcast about aromanticism

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I just saw the solo podcast has released an episode about aromanticism. I've not listened yet but I'm very happy Peter McGraw is bringing it up. He had a previous episode about asexuality which briefly mentioned aromanticism but I'm glad it's now getting it's own episode.

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I just listened to it while making/eating dinner. It is a really nice, thoughtful conversation between two friends. The aromantic being Jessalyn Dean, who is an aromantic heterosexual and a relationship anarchist. She also dunks on the term ‘just’ friends. Thanks for the tip!

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On 7/1/2022 at 7:58 PM, roboticanary said:

Lovely stuff,

Its cool that Jessalyn comes to the interview being a non momogamous relationship anarchist. Which is really not what I expected, and a pleasant surprise to me that those parts of her life came up in the interview as well.

Yeah it was an interesting way to see how aromanticism can mix with other labels. Solo also has an episode specifically about RA also which I found interesting.

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Another great solo episode I listened to recently was about emotional intelligence. It doesn't have anything to do about aro, I just found it very interesting. The guest talked about what emotional intelligence is and what advantages and disadvantages it has to have a high degree of it. They also talked about the seemingly general social idea that single people have lower emotional intelligence.

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