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Stranger Things 4 (major spoilers warning)


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Ok so I def have an opinion on the character of Henry Creel from Stranger Things 4.  I love him as a character.  I think he is kind of queercoded, because in the show he looks very obviously effeminate.  And it's almost canon that he is an aromantic asexual (he says in his monologue that he is a solitary creature).  Just what we need, right?  Another aroace villain.  However, I kinda feel he's not all bad.  I think he cares about Eleven, and shows that in the scenes he has with her (except in that last scene where he is trying to kill her).  Obviously he is evil as Lord Vecna, and his younger self is evil.  But I sort of feel he might have a good side.  Am I crazy for thinking this?

Either way, I really appreciate the direction Stranger Things is going in as a show.  I like that they are making their villains a bit more complex than just mere monsters.  I also think Vecna could easily symbolize depression, or alternately lack of forgiveness.

What are your thoughts?

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