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Rate a song and post another


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ok, i like that song. youve introduced me to a cool new band there.

I absolutely love the distorted voices, its done really well in a way that isn't grating to me and the different voices blend together in such a satisfying way.

also, song in your signature is perfect, no faults, cannot possibly be improved.


ok. my choice



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good, nice to hear it played by him rather than another random dude in a music shop.

honestly that is such a good song that even after hearing it butchered so many times i still come back for more. 10/10 true classic

here's mine, fair warning I've chosen a miserable song about suicide



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interestingly somber at the beginning

also a somber song in general

10/10 nice music, which makes for an interesting effect

interestingly enough one of the singers of this band also died of suicide which is most likely less than a coincidence (rip scott, even if i only found out about it today)




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