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I am a 24 years old girl with a huge heart but don't feel the need for romantic love. People around me don't understand it, neither do I. But I accept whatever I *do not* feel. Maybe I am aro or grey-aro. I still wondering if I'm ace too. My sexual attraction works like my period. It comes late and goes off very quickly. Part of me thinks it would be too much to be both (thanks to society and normativity). I hope I'll be able to figure that out by doing some research and stopping by here! Not that I want to have some kind of a label on my forehead, but I want to know myself better. (ps, excuse my shitty English. I'm French. ) Can't wait to share with others here! :) 

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Bonjour! Mon amie, je m'appelle William! J'étudie Français, Je suis de America! 


Apart from that, I am learning french, English is my primary language. 

Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it. (also im down with speaking french with you in dms)

Au revior,


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