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Newbie that just realized he was aroace~

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Slooooowly realized I was aromantic asexual after realizing that a ""crush"" i have wasn't really (probably not at least) romantic in the slightest. After asking some friends on what they thought, I randomly asked what romantic and sexual attraction felt like and I was absolutely shocked to the point where I had to seriously ask if they were fucking with me. I hadn't really felt anything remotely like what they said except maybe once or twice in my entire life, and this whole time I thought everyone was like me and was just exaggerating. They weren't apparently!  

Literally realized this a couple days ago, still in that hazy "wtf wtf wtf this is REAL??? am i sure this is real????" stage of acceptance. I guess I'd be considered gray aroace since I might've felt both once or twice??? I moreso identify with plain ole aroace just because I just vibe with that label more. Anyways nice to meet y'all im a 19 year old artist gyhujnbgvyhujhgy

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