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Season's Greetings

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Hi all, happy to find this forum and sign myself up!

I did a bit of lurking around and it seems like a lot of people are on the discord - I don't know if that's the right place for me so for now I'll just be drifting around threads on here.

I'm a fan of dissecting film & tv, books (my genres are sci fi & fantasy. of course. are you surprised. look at my name), current events, and whatever niche community the youtube algorithm will drop me into without warning.

It's chaos out there, be kind.

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1 hour ago, 2 Spirit Cherokee Princess said:

There's a Discord?  I was offline for a long time so I'm sure I missed a lot.  Anyway, nice to meet you.

I saw it pinned in the Off Topic list, I don't know if the link is still active but I'm sure someone would be able to help!

Lovely to meet you too 😁

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18 hours ago, queer_kaleidoscope said:

Hey, welcome to arocalypse! I hope you enjoy it here :)) 


15 hours ago, _pc_ said:

hiii, welcome! this place has helped me a lot (even in this little amount of time lmao), I hope it does for you too! its also just a really fun place to be XD


Thank you both very much! Yes I think it's always a good thing to find a space where people understand what you're on about. It's so much easier to be just relax and enjou something!

4 hours ago, 2 Spirit Cherokee Princess said:

I didn't find it in Site Comments but as you suggested, it's in Off Topic.  The link does work.

Great, glad it works! I'm not very well versed in discord but maybe I'll try it out at some point!

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