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Ethnicity/Culture & Aromanticism

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What is your ethnicity/culture? Did living in that kind of environment affect the way you view romantic and sexual attraction? Was the narrative of getting married and/or raising a family pushed on you because of this?

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My family is Chinese and I wouldn't say that getting married is being pushed on me (yet), more just unspokenly expected? Like I just  know that my mum and dad have always expected grandkids and will expect me to get married, they don't even have to say it. It's what every Chinese family does, they raise their kids until those kids have their own kids and I know my parents have this vision of looking after their grandkids one day. Soon all my mum's friends of a similar age will start bragging about their grandchildren and she'll feel left out. 

I do think my parents are starting to get the vibe though that it might not happen with me or my sister. So far we've been spared from any pressure from them. 

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