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What are the definitions of dating and of romantic relationship?


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I have read a lot of definitions of dating and a lot of definitions of romantic relationship. I do not understand any of them. What actually is dating? What's the difference between dating and other ways of spending time with someone? What actually is romantic relationship? Is it like friendship + holding each other hands and kissing?

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Well, I guess that only the people in a relationship can determinate if their relationship is romantic or not. You know you are in a romantic relationship if both you and your partner feel romantic attraction for each other... I think that an allo could answer this question better than an aro:(  

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Heres my take on it. Dating is getting to first base, a romantic relationship, and sexual intercourse is reaching second base.

Dating: People go on dates to discover their personal and romantic compatibility with the other or others. 

Romantic relationship: The two find themselves compatible,  and spend more time. At this base Allos usually say they have a more “serious relationship”. This romantic relationship is about getting to know the other person to know if they want to be engaged with them.

3rd base engaged

Home-plate married

Hope that helps, btw I learned a lot of this going around the bases lingo from a Seinfeld episode. 

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I think dating is meeting with someone and that with the purpose of assessing someones suitability for a "relationship" most likely romantic. It has a specific end goal regardless of whether the date is formal or informal, and most likely you are evaluating someone to see if they r good or not.

I don't really like this concept of a date tbh I feel like you should just enjoy the time with ppl. Though ofc if u r meeting someone for the first or first few times I guess there is compatibility and that and if u will get a long.


As for romance wikipedia says... (Yea that is my source lol)

Romance or romantic love is a feeling of love for, or a strong attraction towards another person, and the courtship behaviors undertaken by an individual to express those overall feelings and resultant emotions.

So yeah 



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Well, I’ve been in some sexual-romantic relationships myself and I have the same questions.

In my experience I don’t think I ever “dated” I don’t know how to do that nor do I have interest in it so I can’t provide an answer.

As in a romantic relationship… mine started as just casual sexual encounters but I never thought of having romantic feelings for the person. It was just they told me they wanted “more” and I just went with the flow, with what I thought society expected of me or what my partners wanted. So for me it involved exclusivity, hanging out all the time, talking all the time, physical contact, kissing, having sex, them wanting marriage and kids. 

But I agree with Arsenic, the only way to know for sure is to have healthy communication with the people involved in the relationship, only they can determine if what they have is romantic or not.

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