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Hi there!

Leo Wolfi

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Hi! My name is Leo, and i stumbled over here taking a survey on AVEN, where it mentioned this in the Aromantic Forums section.

I myself am a Demiromantic Pansexual, who can like people in a sort of more platonic romantic way before having a strong bond, but to like them in a romantic romantic way, definitely need a bond.

I am Asexual, and sex-repulsed, and thats about it on that yeah.

I love animals, and want to be a sort of animal psychologist where i pair emotional support service animals with people with mental disorders to help them.

I also love Warrior Cats books, sketching, and my two cats, a Calico Tiger Honey, and a silver tabby with white paws and some brown spots Willow, as well as my beautiful blue and purplish red beta-fish Stormy Aces.

I also love stuffed animals, especially squish-mallows.

I love to chat with people, and have been known to act like a 'starving puppy' according to my family, because i love to talk to people.

If the photo showed up, those are my cats. A bad picture, but the only one where they're sitting together.

Hope everyone has a good day!


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