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Do you believe in true love?


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so, I am so sorry if this is already a discussion in this forum, but I just wanted to know what are your views on the thing society calls true love, or true love stories. Or even the concept of it. 
for me, personally, I never believed in those, even before identifying as aromantic, but now it makes even less sense!

thank you!


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I believe that true love exists. But it says a lot about romantic love that “true” has to be specifically emphasized.

The general assumption must be that romantic love is “untrue” to some degree.

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The way I have heard most people talk about true love. "They are made for each other.”   “After all the years those too are still happy with each other.”  I heard a story one time, some guy was riding a bike, and saw a beautiful woman, love at first sight thing happened (whatever that means) and he crashed his bike. Kind of like back to the future if you have seen that. 

Then I remember whoever told me the story, I don’t remember who it was. The moral or meaning of the story was they both act and feel the same way as when they first met. 

Oh and of course the saying, there is somebody right for you, everyone has got somebody. 

What is the common theme that is connected to these examples of true love I have described? I would describe the main theme as a destiny filled with romantic vitality.


Do I believe it?

There are three ways I can answer this question

One answer: (Im happy for you answer) 

Well, I believe when other people believe it for themselves, if finding their true love gives them meaning, good for them. I believe they know what gives them meaning, and that they have found this larger than words person who they have been happy with for a long time.

 If hypothetically I where to not believe it, this doesn’t make the experience not true for the one experiencing, and for them personally. 


Second answer: (What does it mean? I know.... it's a plot piece!)

I share the confusion the other people on this post have. I can do the best I can to parrot what other people say about true love, and find commonalities between the different cultural views behind true love. Although this true love business seems like an overly dramatic story arc to me. I always thought the true love was simply a plot device to make movies and songs interesting or entertaining. I never liked the plot device. I instead enjoyed the chosen one plot piece, and it's similar to true love in the sense it involves destiny, and life purpose fulfillment. 


Third answer: (Destiny sounds nice, just take away the romance)

Destiny is a nice thought. The idea that there is someone you may meet one day, who almost seems to be given to you as gift is an optimistic notion. Take away the romance and you have a friendship gift from the universe. I believe in true love in the friendship sense. 

True love friendship: A friendship where you can be yourself, loved for who you are, love the other person for who they are. Learn from each other, grow together.  Contribute to society in some way together if you have similar interests. Enjoy a community of friends who are unique, and help make you stronger. People who don’t drag you down from your good qualities, but strengthen them, and make you a better you. You return the favor to them, and this love is not done for some other advantage but for its own sake, for its own good.

Yada, yada yada, that is why I believe in true love. Just change the romantic connotations and you get two people who share a friendship filled with vitality and real love. Real love being a friendship where you can move passed the surface conversations and feel comfortable being real with people. Engaging in deep talk as I heard someone else put it. Diving deep and seeing the submerged iceberg not just the flakes on top. 

Thanks for reading this big monster, holy cow is it ever longer than I wanted it to be... Anyway, hope I contributed something interesting to the conversation...


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I don't believe in soulmates or that you will only be happy with THE ONE. However, I believe there is true love.

I'm not sure if my idea of true love is the same as the rest of the people who have commented and I'm not really sure how to describe it, but the way my parents or my grandparents look at each other and take care of eachother or even the way they bicker and argue makes it so obvious that they undoubtedly love eachother.

However I don't think the kind of love I'm describing is just limited to romantic love. I've seen this between parents and their kids, and also between friends.

So yeah, I think true love exists but it's not necessarily romantic.

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It really depends what we mean by that.

If it is "truly love someone", yes, I believe true love exists.

If it is the idea that people have only one person out there that is there true love (or soulmate) that they are destined to be with... Then no, I don't believe in that. I do believe that it can feel that bat way for some people, but I also believe that if they never met this person, they must have ended up feeling this way for someone else.

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3 hours ago, Ikarus said:

hmmm, I’m just curious to know what you mean by false love in disguise. 

I'm glad you asked! I shall tell you!


When I say "false love in disguise", I'm alluding to romantic love, not platonic love, etc. I'm not saying that romantic love in general is false. It's not. I'm thinking about the "love at first sight" concept, where two people supposedly "fall in love" simply by looking at each other. That's just lust or aesthetic attraction, perhaps. Of course, I might not be making any sense and am just a bumbling idiot, but hey, at least I tried!

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