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Dear Community, I need help!

Would someone kindly share where are the loveless aros?

or any content related to that topic, pwease 

A questioning and confused human being

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BIG MOOD OP!!!! i've also been looking for loveless aro spaces, but everywhere i search it mostly just comes up with that book :/ just-aro on tumblr might be a good place to start? i also found this aro poetry collection (i haven't read all the poems, but it looks promising): https://aroworlds.com/2019/08/12/poetry-collection-aro-and-loveless/ 

idk of any other blogs off the top of my head, but i know that there must be some... maybe looking with different keywords? aplatonic or non-sam aro might yield similar content/experiences? but yeah it does kinda suck that there isn't really a loveless aro community. i guess the term is new enough and the community for it small enough that they don't really have anywhere to be yet :(

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