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What is the Quoi/Wtfromantic Meaning or Experience for You?

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For me I describe myself as quoiromantic for a number of reasons. I think a couple of the main ones are because i don’t understand romantic attraction at all, like I can slightly understand but not really, and I’m constantly struggling with platonic vs romantic attraction, like i keep wondering if i have crushes on my friends because they’re funny and nice and thats like what people say about people they have crushes on. Also, I constantly feel like im questioning whether or not im aromantic, like ill just think of one of my friends and like think i want to hang out with them more and then ill be wondering if i have a crush on them, this also kinda goes with the platonic vs romantic attraction. another thing about quoiromantic is I identify as quoiromantic because it helps me and i like being able to describe myself better with this label, some people might fit the definition of quoiromantic, but not identify as quoiromantic because they might not like micro labels or they just don’t need it to help describe themselves.

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I do so (and more specifically idemromantic) because I have never identified an emotional difference between a good friend and someone I feel like I could "live with". In addition, I am a pretty distant person and I don't typically seek out human interactions, furthermore I don't enjoy prolonged interactions with most people, it actually remains to be seen if I actually could be fine with "living with someone", not in the abstract. I have *read* of emotional differences, around limerence etc, but I don't feel it. This leaves me with a few main possibilities:

- the first is I decide this is a personal inability to feel an existing difference, in which case I would go for aromantic

- the second is to postulate that I do experience the difference, just don't recognize it. Given my general emotional distance, it's plausible

- the third is to decide that it's probably made-up, an arbitrary distinction people make (I would rule out this one)

- the fourth is to take the "it will probably come later, when you meet the right person" pill

- and the final one, which I chose, is to reserve judgement, because I don't think it's knowable/accessible in my case. And also because I am done wondering about it or asking people for any additional clues. Hence quoiromantic.

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