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hi! c:


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hello!! i'm bambi! i'm kind of a... baby aroace? i just recently discovered that a lot of my experiences with romantic attraction align much more with aroace people's than allos and i wanted to learn more about this community and culture :) i'm not sure exactly which aro identity i am, but i'd love to meet some people who have the same experiences as me !!

this is my first ever forum so i'm a little nervous about posting but i love what i've seen so far and everyone seems so nice c: i hope y'all are having a wonderful day <3

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Hello Bambi! I’m glad you found your way to us :)

I’m new on this forum too so I can’t tell you a lot about it. But I’m sure you’ll have some nice and helpful conversations and meet some people who share the same experiences.

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Hello and welcome! ? I'm glad you found this forum and are interested in getting involved. I was a bit unsure when I first started out as well, but I've found this section of the internet to be full of lovely people. It really is nice to chat with people who have similar experiences!

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