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Hey guys! I'm sure if you've been in chat the past few days you know I've been working on an idea for a cartoon I had. I finished an outline of the first episode, and I think it's pretty good. I just wanted to post it here to see what you guys think, whether it's actually any good... or it sends a terrible message.


I also think it'd be great if anybody wanted to join in. I can't really do anything else other than write, and it sounds like a fun project, like an Aro cartoon xD


EDIT - Sometimes I write Richard when I mean Marcus and Jack when I mean Alan. Whoops, ignore that Fixed xD


Anyway, here it is. Spoilers because it's quite long:



Family is unpacking. James is getting texts from Amy during this scene, his best friend who they recently moved away from. Alan finds old tool box and is persuaded to put it down by Vihaan, though reluctantly. James is told to put box in living room, where they discover a trapdoor in the corner. Intrigued, they break off the rusty lock and look inside. The cellar is darkened and creepy sound effects start (the inside is never shown) Before they  do anything else, there is a happy shout and a rush of something pale past James’ face. Two ghosts (Ann and Marcus) talk about James without realizing he can hear them for a second before James turns, screams, and runs out of the room. Marcus comments ‘the only human we’ve ever met who can see us, and he’s scared of ghosts.’ And suggests helping the family move in would make James less scared.

James runs into the room, where Alan has already begun running over as soon as they heard the scream. James says they saw two ghosts, which prompts Alan to scream, grab James and the toolbox and try to drag Vihaan by the hand out of the door. Vihaan frowns and assures the two that there must be a rational explanation, before proceeding into the living room. After a second they angrily shout “JAAAMES!”

The living room is a mess, with a book case turned sideways to cover the trapdoor and packing peanuts everywhere. The two ghosts are standing off to the side, grinning. Vihaan demands to know what happens as the three get on their knees and start unsuccessfully picking up peanuts. James looks up at the ghosts and says that they did it, which makes Vihaan annoyed and causes the ghosts to start whispering with each other. After a second they go into the kitchen and something smashes.

Alan and James jump up as one and say they’ll check on it. They come into the kitchen and James sees the ghosts trying to stack the shelves with plates. The only problem is the plates float down through their semi-incoporeal bodies and smash on the floor.

Alan screams and runs away, while James goes over and asks them what the deal is. Marcus grins and introduces themselves as ‘Ann and Marcus, your friendly domestic spirits’ James snaps as they begin stacking the shelf and says ‘if you’re so friendly, why are you trashing the place?” Marcus explains it’s hard to carry stuff as a ghost, but they’re getting the hang of it. They demonstrate by getting a plate nearly to the counter when it slips and breaks. Vihaan yells James again and comes in to find James carrying a plate.

James immediately says it wasn’t them smashing the plates, it was the ghosts. Vihaan says they have no idea what is going on, but James and Alan claim the house is haunted and want to move out. They say if it’s a two-to-one majority they’ll find somewhere else to live, though they aren’t happy about it. They walk away, claiming they have a headache. Marcus turns to James and pleads for them not to go, saying that they’re the first medium that’s ever come to the house in twenty years. James asks in a whisper what a medium is, and it’s explained as somebody who can talk to ghosts. They continue to apologize for wrecking the house and keep making offers for what they’ll do to make it up and James relents and decides to convince his parents to stay here. James says they’ll need an ultimate plan because Vihaan is very, very hard to fool.

Cut to Alan and Vihaan in the living room, the two covered in packing peanuts stuck to their clothes. Vihaan is typing with one hand on their laptop and tapping the couch with the other, clearly stressed out. Alan is sitting by the sideways bookshelf, and comments that the ghosts actually had a pretty good idea going by turning it on the side. Vihaan glares and opens their mouth, but before they can say a word James comes in and says they have a confession to make, with Ann and Marcus behind them handing their heads.

They start explaining how they pulled all the ghost pranks, trying to make it seem like the house is haunted so they’ll move back to the old town. They say they really miss their friend Amy and are worried they won’t find another friend in the high school.  They finish saying they’re really sorry they  did all the pranks, they realized it was wrong and they’re ready for any punishment.

The house is silent for a moment, then Alan speaks up. They say the two of them are annoyed they did the pranks, but they’re really proud James owned up to them.  Vihaan (gives punishment), and they walk upstairs. Off screen, they shout down and ask which bedroom they’re taking. Alan says either one is okay.

Cut to James being ordered out of the master bedroom by Vihaan. Up to this point Vihaan hasn’t said anything about the pranks but at this point turns and thanks James for owning up to it. James goes in their bedroom and crashes on the bed. Marcus and Ann appear, and Ann thanks them for their trouble. James says he expected it to go so much worse. Marcus marvels at how good a liar James is, to which the boy replies the best lies are just bent truths. His phone buzzes, and Marcus asks him who Amy is anyway.

The scene of James and the ghosts talking fades away to a shot of the trapdoor, where it is covered by the sideways bookshelf. The same creepy music plays, and the episode ends.


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19 hours ago, DannyFenton123 said:

EDIT - Sometimes I write Richard when I mean Marcus and Jack when I mean Alan. Whoops, ignore that xD 

Use CTRL+F to find all the instances where you use the wrong name, and change them. It'll take less than 2 minutes using CTRL+F, trust me.

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30 minutes ago, Zemaddog said:

Use CTRL+F to find all the instances where you use the wrong name, and change them. It'll take less than 2 minutes using CTRL+F, trust me.


In general, Notepad++ is so much more powerful than WordPad :arolove:

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