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  1. hi pun!!! :)

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    2. Punable


      Um...thanks! You too! ^_^

    3. ArodynamicallyFavored


      sorry for being awkward as heck too :(

    4. Punable


      No, it's fine, I'm nearly always the same way ^_^ 

  2. Well, loneliness did NOT make me fall in love, thank you very much. I fell in love because I fell in love. I didn't feel lonely as I knew that there's someone out there for me. And also, romanticism DOESN'T mean you're necessarily 'love struck', it just means you have the ability to love someone romantically differently to our sexual attraction. Well, it does for me anyway. This test kinda pissed me off because the amount of 'no's I said meant that I wasn't romantically attracted to anyone, I was simply 'half love-struck'.
  3. *just sits there, also thinking about furries*
  4. Some of the stuff on AVEN is offensive and really doesn't give us aces a good name, but not EVERYONE'S like that on AVEN. I get mad sometimes when people assume stuff, y'know?
  5. Oh, nothing, I just heard that this was a website with a similar structure and everything in AVEN's a little hectic ^_^'
  6. This is a thread for anyone who ISN'T aro, because I feel so alone here ^_^' Yes, I'm aware that this is an aromantic site, but honestly, I came here from AVEN and I'm very lonely in a place full of aros (as I am the complete opposite to aro and feel as if I should not be here) Please note that I am not trying to offend aro people with this topic and do not want to start a fight. I was just wondering if anyone was there and if so, if they felt a little awkward being on an aro website ^_^'
  7. I like sex as much as I like tidying my room. 'nuff said. I'm ace-ceptional. What is the aromatic asexual card? The ace of hearts.
  8. Heya Pun... I can't go on AVEN for a bit so I'm coming on here :)

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    2. Ollie Declan

      Ollie Declan

      The roof... and for the four hours sinceyou replied the bed sheets... you planned it perfectly so I was asleep at the time...

    3. Ollie Declan

      Ollie Declan

      Oh and Pun... I'll be on chats in about 4 hours... so if you want to talk... I'll be on.

    4. Punable


      Hahaha, I was soooooooooooo late replying, I'm sorry ^_^'

  9. Just got back from teaching. Kids are little shits, but I love them really. Kinda.

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    2. Dodgypotato


      I would like to teach around year 12 level, but I couldn't deal with teaching little kids! I'm so glad we have tough people like you! xD

    3. Spud


      I hate kids. And technically I still am one. Granted, most people that aren't my friends I hate too. I could never be a teacher xD

    4. Vcat


      I couldn't do it, I would die.  You are a much more patient person than I xD

  10. It says on your "About Me" page that you're a broom ninja and it just so happens that yesterday I got hit in the face with a broom. Did you cause it? xD 

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